Thursday, 14 March 2013

Octopus and potato salad - MOOD: Octopussy

I have met so many Italian people over the last few years it is almost as if London has been taken over. This is not a bad thing of course. Italy and I have a little love affair going at present so it is a welcome take over. My room mate Nadia and i were talking about how simple food is always the best. And went on to discuss all the wonders of how simplicity is present in both our cultures. We discussed so many options and variations, and then she mentioned an octopus dish that is widely eaten around Italy and I just had to make it.

Octopus and all things seafood are at the top of my list, ALWAYS. It is all about eating healthily as much as you can and trying to give your body what it needs. Fish is a great way to feed your mind, your serotonin and also your nerves. Mind you being good for your hair and skin is also a bonus when eating fattier fish.

The benefits of Octopus:
Octopus is a low calorie, lean seafood, making it a good way to get protein in your diet without adding too much fat. Octopus is a very good source of iron, which is a common deficiency leading to weakness, fatigue and anaemia.
Octopus is also a source of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and selenium. It provides several important vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A and several B vitamins, as well as some omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is an important nutrient which may decrease the chances of heart disease, as well as cancer and depression. It also seems to boost the immune system and aid in brain development in children.
Octopus also contains taurine, which is an organic acid that acts as an antioxidant, and may protect against some of the stressful effects of exercise. Taurine is also suspected to help prevent heart disease, although there are no conclusive studies regarding this yet. Some studies have also linked it with improved blood sugar levels however this also needs further study.

So i went to my lovely Local Fishmonger Rex Goldsmith on CALE STREET in Chelsea and got an Octopus. Frozen is always best as this begins the tenderising of the octopus so you don't have to boil it for long. 
I also bought some wonderful lemons and flat leaf parsley and Rate potatoes from Andreas Veg, also on Cale street, ran home and began.
1 whole frozen Octopus
1 bunch flat leaf parsley
1 Large lemon
3 garlic cloves
Olive oil


  • Begin by thawing out your octopus in cold water. It should take between 45-60 minutes. 
  • While the octopus is thawing, boil your rate potatoes with skin in salted water, until they are just done. 
  • Chop your parsley and garlic and set aside.
  • When the octopus has thawed, place in boiling water and boil it for about 35 minutes. Check it to see if it needs more, but it shouldn't. You don't want to over do it otherwise it will get completely rubbery. 
  • Once the octopus has been cooked, removed from water, cut the tentacles off into small pieces and mix in with the garlic and parsley. 
  • Chop the potatoes into similar sized pieces as the octopus and mix all together. 
  • Add you salt, olive oil and lemon and season to taste. 
  • Serve on a bed of Rocket and eat right away. 
Tender octopus, crunchy rocket, soft potatoes, and tangy dressing. 

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