Friday, 18 January 2013

Why fish works..... Mood= Diversity

I have an obsession with seafood. Every kind of seafood and i can eat it everyday. I started eating it really regularly when i was suffering from depression in my mid to late 20s as a way to help my mind get better and it almost became an obsession. I believe that it was one of the main things that helped me get through it, including other things of course, but all that oily fish and goodness from the sea can only do you wonders.

At Baity Kitchen we make lots of fish dishes and i think that it is so important to have the option and variety to offer people as most don't know how long to cook fish for or what really goes with it.

One of our main top sellers is a simple lemon and zaatar marinated and grilled salmon which is so delicious. We also make a miso cod, mango coriander chilli and lime cod, poached salmon witha sweet dill and mustard dressing, linguine with clams and prawns chilli and garlic, Grilled calamari salad with padron peppers, Lobster cups with tomato and basil. The list goes on but my favourite one is the Lemon saffron risotto with seared scallops and shaved grano padano. Not only does it look great but it tastes sublime.

It is not hard to make but takes a little time to get the rice just right. You do not want to over cook this as it is always nice to have a little bite to the rice. But just a bit.


2 cups of carnaroli risotto rice
1 Brown onion
1 clove of garlic
A few sprigs of Thyme
1 cup of white wine
A pinch of saffron
4T lemon juice
Grated parmesan
Shaved parmesan
8 Scallops
Fish stock (if you dont have it just use water) but fish stock is better


  • Begin by chopping your onion and garlic and gently sautee them in a pot with some light olive oil.
  • Once they have softened add the rice and toast for a few minutes and add a bit of salt.
  • Add the thyme in sprigs so you can pick them out later.
  • Add the wine and you should hear a sizzle. Keep moving the rice around to evaporate the wine quicker.Now add the saffron and mix well so it encorporates well.
  • Begin with your stock slowly adding and when it begins to lessen, add a bit more.
  • You should do this for about 15 minutes.
  • once you have reached a nice bite and csostency add the lemon juice and butter to give a nice sharpness and smootheness at the same time. This will also help gloss the risotto. Take the pan off the heat and begin with you scallops.
  • Season them and sear them quickly on a very hot pan for a few short minuted one each side. This will give you a nice caramelised taste and look which will just lift your dish to another level.
  • Now taste your risotto. Add some more salt, butter whatever you prefer to make it your own. This is where is add grated parmesan just to give it a lift. 

Plate it up with the risotto first and then assemble the scallops on top with some grated Grano Padano shavings and serve.

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tasteofbeirut said...

Oh that looks so tempting! I love fish and seafood, just not crazy about preparing them myself at home! Wish I was in London and i would be a regular patron at your fabulous restaurant!