Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cocktail making..... MOOD = Winning streak...

A few months ago; actually last summer, I was asked by my PR company ME:MO interactive if I wanted to take part in a cocktail competition with Andy Pearson, mixologist of the decade.... and to be honest i was a little apprehensive as a) i don't like filming and b) i didn't know how to make a drink.

But against my fear, i said YES. It was nerve wracking as i didn't know what to expect and also how it was going to turn out. I went with a couple of friends who were there supporting me even though i know i am a big girl, but still it felt better that way. Although when i got there it just made me even more nervous that they were there watching me.

When i got there i was the last one to be filmed and i felt a little relieved that there were not too many people watching. I had to do three things. Make a margarita by heart which was timed. I think i came second, which is not bad going considering i didn't even know how to make one. The second was making a cocktail from a goody bag of secret ingredients which made me super nervous.... I will tell you how that went in a moment. And the third thing was to tell a joke. A bar joke. OK so i am not being honest here. This was my NIGHTMARE. Firstly jokes are silly and secondly you have to be slightly witty and confident when delivering a joke and at the best of times that's not easy but when you have two cameras on you, and about 7 people looking at you it makes it SOOOOO much harder.

So now back to the cocktail making.... I WON, I WON, I WON, I WON. I was so chuffed about that. But i knew it in my heart that i would win. My cocktail totally rocked! I am going to attach the video of it for you to watch and let me know what you think. Can you tell how nervous i am? I couldn't stop shaking.

Either way i had a great day and i realized that no matter what you fear, its the fear itself that is scary and not the action.

You can watch the VIDEO HERE

To may more videos and hopefully not so nerve wracking.

Thanks Andy Pearson, and the team at ME:MO for organizing this.

It was GREAT! And did i mention that I WON!  :))


myriam said...

I love this! You're so cute!

tasteofbeirut said...

I have been waiting forever for this video clip to load up!
I really want to see you! OK I will stay tuned all night! :)