Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sesame Seared Tuna Salad.... Mood = Improvisation

I have so many delicious ingredients coming through my door all the time and sometimes get bored of cooking the same thing, which happens alot. In Baity, we always have a seared tuna steak with a delicious spicy salsa to go with it, and i made that as usual but had some left over pieces of tuna that were too small to make into gorgeous fillet steaks, so i improvised and made a delicious fresh crunchy oriental salad.

I used the bottom end of tuna which come to a point and greased it up a little with olive oil and coated it generously with sesame seeds. shaved some vegetables and made a delicious dressing and hey presto the result was beautiful, colourful fresh, crunchy and very very tasty. BUT you MUST ALWAYS USE fresh tuna for this as it is almost raw.

I think improvising is the best way of cooking as it really lets your mind go free. You have a chance to really let go of your usual routine of cooking i guess, and try something you always wanted to try or simply just be different.

This salad lasted in my counter downstairs for approximately 45 Minutes before being ravaged! I was so so happy to see the empty platter come up which proved to me that experimenting can be fun and also be very  very worthwhile.


400 grams of fresh tuna loin from the tail end.
sesame seeds
Red peppers
Soya sauce
chilli sauce
sesame oil
fish sauce
limes and coriander
Baby leaf salad


  • first shave your courgettes raw and place in a bowl
  • Peel moolis and slice finely
  • Chop the coriander and chilli
  • Mix with baby leaf salad
  • cook the asparagus heads for approximately 4-5 minutes. NO LONGER as you want a nice crunch.
  • Slice the red peppers into julienne strips
  • Mix all together with the baby leaf salad and this is the base for your salad

  • With the tuna, you want to oil it slightly, cover it completely with the sesame seeds and then begin to sear it. At first it seems that the sesame will fall off and wont stay on the tuna, but have faith and let it crust nicely on top.
  • Turn the sides to sear approximately 3-4 minutes on each side. You want it to cook nicely but not fully, leaving and delicious moist tuna steak in the middle.
  • Once you have seared you tuna leave it to rest for a moment and begin making your sauce.
  • Add 7 table spoons the soya to taste, with a table spoon of sesame oil, a sprinkling of fresh chillies, sesame seeds, 2 limes and a table spoon of sugar. You can also add some sweet chilli jam if have some to hand and a splash of fish sauce.

You can add more or less of things you like but you have to have the essence of the taste of what you are looking for. This sauce gets drizzled over the tuna slices which gets placed over the salad and served straight away.

USE A SHARP KNIFE when cutting the tuna otherwise you will rip it apart.

Enjoy with a  nice glass of crisp sauvignon blanc.


tasteofbeirut said...

Your salad looks beautiful and I would dive into it in a heartbeat! Love all these colorful veggies nesting the tuna and the crunchy sesame coating!

Wonder of my World said...

i like your post very much. thanks for your post

Foodafok said...

Merry Christmas