Friday, 12 August 2011

Baity goes to Italy..... Mood= Italian Affair!

When my brother told me he was getting married i was super excited for him. More than happy as his princess manana is an amazing girl.... But then he said Florence, and my heart began to beat even faster. I have been to Italy, but when i was very young. My parents took us on the orient Express and showed us the wonders of this country. But all i have are pictures and not real memories.

I was very excited and began to organise my trip. On the agenda was Portofino, Forte Dei Marmi, Pisa and Florence. It was an excuse for me to eat my way through Italy. And eat my way through Italy was exactly what i did.

At Baity kitchen, 90% of the staff are Italian and gave me lots of tips to on what to eat what and where. So i took their advice and did just as they said for a change..... :)

My trip began in Portofino. Simply beautiful and stunning. The weather was on and off during our 3 days there, but we made the most of it by eating our way through the time we spent there. The hotel we stayed in was impeccable and the food..... WAS DIVINE!

Fresh pizzas from a wood oven, Burrata mozzarella, tomatoes that actually tasted of tomatoes, and the truffles. If you want to get into my heart, the fastest way is to present me with truffles. I just adore them and one of my dishes, beef carpaccio was laden with them. Ooooh I'm in heaven just thinking about it right now.

The next best thing was going to Forte dei Marmi. It was just so cute and very much my kind of thing. The whole town is taken over by bicycles and a very quirky cute beachy scene. All the restaurants that we went to were just perfect serving up local fish and simple no fuss food that just tasted of what it was supposed to taste like. I just loved everything. The bresaola was soft and almost fluffy. No need to chew, no need to season. Langoustine were cooked to perfection, almost raw and so so sweet. I loved it there.

My favourite thing about being in Italy was the grocery shopping. I know they have supermarkets like we have over here in the UK, but the best part was the little family owned shops that have everything you want on one shelf, from deodorant, to chickpeas, razors to tinned tuna. The best was the hanging hams just behind the counter. I just wanted to put the whole thing in my suitcase. So yumm, and so beautiful.

Our next stop was Florence, were the festivities were taking place. We were a huge group of people for the wedding so the food sampling became immense as everyone wanted to go everywhere. And so we did. We went to little trattorias, fine dining and hotel restaurants. Each and everyone of these places were incredible. The atmosphere in Florence for me was electric. The city was magical and i think that contributed to the food. The views were almost museum like and i felt like i had stepped back in time. I ate so much i thought the dress for my brothers wedding was not going to fit anymore but i didn't care.

Florence was stunning, striking and simply wonderful. I didn't want to leave. But unfortunately all good things have to end at some point. But i am so glad it ended with the wedding of my Brother.

This Italian adventure was so far the best holiday i have taken in a long time simply for the food and the atmosphere. I would highly recommend this little tour to anyone who has the chance of taking it. And eat the steak fiorentina. I had one nearly every day while staying in Florence..... DELISH!!!!!

Next stop, the south of Italy....

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