Thursday, 29 July 2010

Santorini..... Mood = Celestial

Ok, so just to get the air clear, when i met my husband, i told him i had a few issues with claustrophobia, and heights. Boats were also up there but i figured how many boats are we ever going to go on.....Apparently alot!

On visiting Santorini, i felt my heart crack a little and my mind shatter with fear. There upon my gaze was the highest steepest mountain cliff i have ever seen. And we had to go up there to get to our hotel. I felt like a 2 year old kid. I called my mum and told her i wanted to get back on the boat and go home. She immediately told me to shut up and get in the cab and have some fun. So i did. My husband Pavlos was not in my good books at this time but helped with the idea of going up this cliff by suggesting i cover my head with my scarf and just pretend it was dark. Good idea!

After reaching the top, which is the best, (i felt like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman) i just had a moment where i had to relax to really appreciate what was infront of me. It was just the most incredible and most beautiful scene i have had the pleasure of setting my eyes on! Something to put on the "before you die list".

So our hotel was on the clifftop with a view of the caldera which is prime property over here in Santorini. There is not one millimeter that is not being used here for property and unless you own something now, it seems pretty unlikely that anything will come up in the near future. I was being told this information by many people so i thought that i would share it with you....This was not helping my problem with heights but sometimes you just have to let go and fill your mind up with information... Everything in Santorini is up here. Way at the top, so i figured other people may be feeling the way i did too.

The view and air are incredible up here. Something that cannot be explained in words.... So i shall not try to explain and let the photos do some of the talking.

The hotel we stayed in was called SUN ROCKS. It was just un real. I was absolutely terrified on the way up but when i saw the view i just thanked God that i get to see something like this. We had the most wonderful room, and the service was amazing! On our first night we were at the hotels 4 table restaurant, and we just had the best view and had it all to ourselves! Perfect!

We were offered a set menu which was delicious and fresh, simple and yet very different.

Starter was :
Melon jelly with crispy pancetta
Smoked scallop with balsamic
Tartare of vegetables with filo crisp
Crab salad
Sea bream with beetroot cream and courgettes
Fillet of beef with potatoes and vinsanto jus
Trio of sorbets
Mojito foam and strawberry spring rolls

To say that this was not a perfect meal would be LYING! Everything tasted sooooo Good! And the sunset that was occurring during our dinner was even better. Everyone has told me that the sunset in Santorini is the best you will ever see, and they were right!

The next couple of days were totally relaxing and we went down to the town. Very cute, very Greek, very fun. The donkeys were being pulled through the town, we saw some amazing craft work and of course found another sovlaki place to eat. My new favourite thing!

The island of santorini is defintely a place you should visit if you have the chance to be in that part of the world. Anywhere you go to eat would be great as you have the best view, food and weather in the world!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Mykonos..... Mood = The Pelican Brief

Shortly after leaving Tinos, the smallest little island on earth with the least inhabitants..... We went on our journey to Mykonos. The infamous Island! The island famous for its 2 pelicans walking around the tourists and inhabitants. One of them named George who i had the pleasure of meeting.

It took no longer than 30 minutes to reach by seajet which was great as i am not a massive fan of boats. My husband and I chose to stay away from the main town and in a more secluded area in a resort and have the choice to go down town as and when we desired. A) for controling my spending on things i didn't need and B)to stay away from the mad rush that is summer in this gorgeous town.

Mykonos is beautiful. It is what i imagined and more, almost a cartoon version of what i imagined. The colours, the flowers everywhere, the clothes and jewellery filled streets were almost unbearable. But then again, charming. When it came time to choose food we were spoilt for choice. Every restaurant had similar offerings but it just depended on what you were looking for and if you knew where to go. Prices ranged from the extortionate to the modest and i have to say we were on both ends. One night our dinner cost us what it was for 3 nights at our 5 star luxury hotel!!!! I nearly choked....

The food in our hotel was by all means up to scratch and of very good quality and standard as was the beach next to us called Elia. Every portion was large, and i think the view and the atmosphere just makes a regular grilled fish taste even better. I am not sure if you know what i mean but it just tastes..... Better!

I am not a big fan of meat in the summer, and i am also in the land of Lamb, but i cant bring myself to eat it in these beautiful hot moments. So i always opted for fish, shell fish and salads, and my husband is going for more meaty, beefy dishes. He associates his home with souvlaki sandwhiches and big portions of meat. On the Elia beach, he ordered a mix grill and out came this enormous wooden platter that could have fed 4 grown men. Needless to say my husband took this as a challenge and attempted to eat it but alas..... Failed! Good try though.

I can't stay away from Kalamaraki and jumbo prawns, squid, octopus, Saganaki on this holiday and could eat it at every chance i get but i hate to be predictable so i had to change it up a bit. Which i am doing here in Santorini. I am writing this from the most beautiful hilltop hotel called Sunrocks! But that will be my next post.

I miss being in my own kitchen and cooking but as i write that, the most insane look crosses my face! What can i be saying? Missing cooking while i am being spoilt and treated like a princess?!? I guess its just hard unwinding! But i am more than happy to be here and enjoying every minute of it. I am DEFINITLEY not rushing home!

So i have tried as much as possible to take beautiful pictures of food that others have prepared for me and my husband. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed eating them....

See you in Santorini.....

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Tinos Port..... Mood = Mini Market

As we were leaving Tinos this is what we saw.... The most gorgeous little market where people older than your grandmother were selling the most beautiful fruit and vegetables. It really makes you think about your supermarkets, whats on offer and also presentation. We are a very clean anti bacterial culture and that seems so normal to us, but when i saw the fruit and vegetables in their boxes on the floor it just made me want to buy it even more. It was very rustic, and very real! Perfect little market of Tinos.......

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Island Hopping..... Mood = Greece is the word!

So i have been talking about this honey moon of mine for some time now. And i am finally here. Well you may be wondering why i am blogging on my honey moon, well the world cup is still on and my husband is watching Germany v Argentina as we speak. So i have some time to catch up on a few things.

So we arrived in Athens on the 1st July
to some beautiful weather and even more gorgeous food. I am a piggie and i am sure most of you are too. This is the land of food and history and i was not wasting any time getting my gnashers (teeth) into some good old traditional food.

Athens was a pit stop to the first Island of the tour.... We landed in Tinos for a friends wedding which is to take place tonight. What a lovely little desserted island. Simple and perfect to get a away from the chaos of london and responsability.

We are staying in a place that is not quite a hotel and not quite a bb. It is run by a wife and her husband and she is the chef, the manager, the cleaner, the life guard.... EVERYTHING. I love it. This is how things should be done. In modern cities we seem to delegate alot and lose touch with our selves and our clients. But here she knows what is going on at all times.
I have eaten every meal at the hotel as it is delicious, and quite frankly i went to town and there seemed to be not much going on there apart from clothes and jewellry selling, which is great too.

So on the menu was:

Saganaki: which is hard greek cheese coated in flour and then deep fried, served with a lemon that you have to squeeze over and eat while it is still hot.

Traditional greek salad

Kalamaraki: Squid Cut into rings and deep fried

Kalamari: Grilled whole squid and served with olive oil and lemon

Stuffed tomatoes

Pork loin with lemon sauce and thyme

Watermelon to finish off

Everything is cooked and prepared by one woman and served to all her diners. Everything looks great and tastes even better.

I honestly couldnt believe it when i saw that she didnt have a kitchen porter to help. Thats what i call multi tasking.

For breakfast, we were served complimentary cheese, sesame bread, orange flavoured cake, eggs and jam. unfortunatley i was so hungry i forgot to take pictures but you can get the drift by seeing the other images that she means business....

Recipes will follow as tomorrow she promised to give me a cooking lesson. I cant wait. Should be fun to be on the receiving end of it, as im usually the one doing the teaching.

So till my next Island which whill be Mykonos..... See you then.