Thursday, 18 November 2010

Gemista ..... Mood = Stuffed, Literally!

As you already know i am close to opening my new place.... And whats the best thing to do before opening; try new recipes with my business partners mother. Sia is a wonderful cook, as my mother is, and apart from her being Greek, that's the only difference between them. They have soul, passion and most importantly they love to eat.

Sia had been here for a few days and i didn't want to impose myself on her but i had to! I wanted some recipes for my Deli/Restaurant. And this one is not to be missed!

Gemista (pronounced Yemista) is a dish that i had in the island of Tinos this summer. It is simple but oh so delicious. It is stuffed vegetables with its own stuffing, rice, tomato sauce, salt and pepper mixed with the stuffing of other vegetables as well. On this occasion, Sia made aubergines, tomatoes, green peppers and long red peppers. In the mix was all the insides of these beauties, parsley and seasoning.

Who knew that such simple ingredients could create such a wonderful dish that is so moorish and so ridiculously tasty!

I was totally up for this as i am going to serve things that i have learnt during my experience these last 10 years and also new things that are suitable for this environment. Food that can be made in advance and prepared and packed for lunches, take aways and also sit down lunches and dinners.

This is a great option for someone who is vegetarian. And i am not a vegetarian, but this is on the top of my list. This dish is best served at room temperature to let all the flavours settle and soak.


4 aubergines
2 tomatoes
4 green peppers
2 long red peppers
2 full spoons of raw rice per vegetable
700ml tomato sauce (split evenly)
1 bunch of chopped parsley
2 potatoes peeled and cut in to large chunks
1 large onion chopped
150ml olive oil
salt and pepper


  • Cut the tops of the aubergines off and keep them.
  • Begin to scoop out the filling of the aubergine to leave a hollow center.
  • Keep the filling of 1 aubergine and chop it up.
  • Take out the centers of the tomato and also add them to the chopped aubergine.
  • Add the rice, half the tomato sauce, salt, pepper, olive oil and mix with chopped onion and parsley.
  • Mix this all together and have a taste to see if the flavour is satisfactory.
  • Fill the veg within an inch of the top and close with the top of the vegetable.
  • If you can fit the aubergine top in, just trim around the edge and seal it, like a cork in a bottle.
  • Place the long red pepper and aubergines lying flat and the green pepper and tomato on its bottom.
  • Get some more of the tomato sauce and mix with a little olive oil, and salt, also a spoonful of sugar and mix. Add a teacup worth of water to dilute it and pour around and on top of the vegetables.
  • Add the potatoes and place in the oven for about 1 hour and a half for at 180 degrees.
  • Turn half way through and then again just before serving.
  • You want the vegetables to be browning and almost falling apart. ALMOST!

I ate this dish for the next 3 days as she made so much and i have to say each day i ate it tasted better and better.

Easy to make, and wonderful to taste!


Chanel11 said...

You've got me craving a plate of my Yia Yia's Gemista right now - one of my fave dishes!

Dimah said...

This looks wonderful and easy! love the flavors!

Anna Johnston said...

Oh my Jodie., this looks amazing, I've so got to try this out. Thanks for sharing this one.

sara @ CaffeIna said...

I so wish I could visit your new place and eat all the yumminess you will be making. I hope you will post them too so I can drool and try them :)

Maria @ Scandi Foodie said...

This sounds like a really lovely dish!

Torviewtoronto said...

delicious looking sauce

Sweet artichoke said...

Yum! this look like an easy and tasty dish!
Double thanks for your comment on my blog and for discovering your very nice blog! Best of luck for opening your place, sounds really exciting :-)

sinfullyspicy said...

I love the look of this dish..what beautiful colors..Its so wonderful the way u associate moods with the food u cook!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I don't think I've ever tried this but I know that I'd really like it! :)

Maria said...

Growing up my family always made these with the meat/rice stuffing but as an adult cooking for my own family now, I find myself only using rice. Aren't they just as filling and delicious with a simple rice filling?

These look fantastic and I love how you've used different peppers, eggplants and tomatoes.


Fantastic! This looks so flavorful and filling! I'd love to try it!

Heavenly Housewife said...

Wonderful dish, i've had something very similar at a Middle Eastern restaurant (I dont know if it was the same as this). The sauce looks great!
*kisses* HH

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

An awesome dish! I love all those veggies.



M. said...

this sounds delicious, I've never had anything like it!

Indie.Tea said...

It sounds really delicious. Flavorful yet fresh.

tasteofbeirut said...

I was just feeling hungry just looking at this and imagining the flavors; I love these dishes, especially sopped up with some pita bread! an a lot of olives of course!

Juliana said...

I never had stuffed eggplants...have to try since I love eggplants :-) Look very yummie!

blackbookkitchendiaries said...

oh my these look so delicious! i love it. thanks for sharing.

pierre said...

i love these veggies reicpes Bravo Pierre