Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Thai style veal kofta.... Mood = Changing it up

My mum is fantastic at cooking, infact i think that her food is probably the best food i have eaten. I am a professional chef and even my food does not stand up to hers. I was in Greece for a month travelling around and on one of our last lunches out i had Lamb koftas which were delicious. I suddenly remembered my mums koftas and decided that when i come back to London i would make something reminiscent of her but at the same time totally different.

I had really missed cooking while i was away and as soon as i came back the first thing i did was go to the supermarket and stocked up my fridge.

Veal Koftas were on the menu.

I made them a little thai style and a little chinesey and they were simply sensational.

My mix was simple quick and easy. The juices that came out of the koftas were just divine and were poured over my salad that accompanied them with a little lime and chilli. My husband was so happy when he saw what was for dinner as we had not had a home cooked meal for nearly a month.

I think my mother would be proud of me with this dish as it is always nice to step outside the box.


500g veal mince
4 garlic cloves
bunch of mint
bunch of coriander
2 limes
3 tablespoons soya sauce
2 tablespoons chilli jam
1/2 teaspoon of sesame oil
small knob of peeled ginger


  • Get all the above ingredients, minus the veal and blitz in a food processor. This will create a liquid paste.
  • Add this paste to your veal mince and mix well.
  • When it has all combined, begin by taking some veal and pressing it between your fingers to make a small kofta and then place it on a baking sheet.
  • When you have finished making all your koftas, place them in the fridge for about 1 hour to set.
  • Get a frying pan nice and hot and add some vegetable oil.
  • Place your koftas in the pan but dont over crowd the pan as this will reduce the heat and begin boiling them, rather then fry them.
  • Serve with a small salad with the juices of the veal and some lime with some fresh red chilli.

These will be such a treat for anyone. And something that i am sure you will make over and over again.

My next koftas are pork with apple and thyme!


tasteofbeirut said...

I love your keftas! almost lebanese too with the cilantro but with the added kick of chili and ginger; I could eat them every day!

Joudie's Mood Food said...

Hey Joumana, yes they are very similar to lebanese ones. You should have go they really have a nice zing to them. I love making them this way.

Janet said...

OOOOOh These look so yummy and healthy! I think this is the next on my list. Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Oh Joudie this looks so nice. I have never used veal to make kuftas before. Or used the ingrediants you have used. I just do it with chopped onion, salt pepper and parsley. I will definitely make this. Thanks for the post

Joudie's Mood Food said...

Hi Janet, have not seen you on here for a while.... They are divine! They are super healthy. And YUMMY!

Joudie's Mood Food said...

Hi Anon, that is very simple traditional way of making Koftas, and also very delicoius beacuse it lets the meat stand out and have all the glory... But for veal, it is not very strong in taste, and therefore these ingrediants give it that UMPF!. Have a go and let me know what you think. They are really worth it and dont take long at all.

Sara said...

This looks so healthy but tasty at the same time. Will have to give this a go. Can i add mint aswell if i have it lying around?

Angie's Recipes said...

These kofta look gorgeous!
p.s Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I wanted to check yours earlier, but it says that your google profile doesn't exist.
So I found here through google search.
Have a nice day!