Thursday, 29 July 2010

Santorini..... Mood = Celestial

Ok, so just to get the air clear, when i met my husband, i told him i had a few issues with claustrophobia, and heights. Boats were also up there but i figured how many boats are we ever going to go on.....Apparently alot!

On visiting Santorini, i felt my heart crack a little and my mind shatter with fear. There upon my gaze was the highest steepest mountain cliff i have ever seen. And we had to go up there to get to our hotel. I felt like a 2 year old kid. I called my mum and told her i wanted to get back on the boat and go home. She immediately told me to shut up and get in the cab and have some fun. So i did. My husband Pavlos was not in my good books at this time but helped with the idea of going up this cliff by suggesting i cover my head with my scarf and just pretend it was dark. Good idea!

After reaching the top, which is the best, (i felt like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman) i just had a moment where i had to relax to really appreciate what was infront of me. It was just the most incredible and most beautiful scene i have had the pleasure of setting my eyes on! Something to put on the "before you die list".

So our hotel was on the clifftop with a view of the caldera which is prime property over here in Santorini. There is not one millimeter that is not being used here for property and unless you own something now, it seems pretty unlikely that anything will come up in the near future. I was being told this information by many people so i thought that i would share it with you....This was not helping my problem with heights but sometimes you just have to let go and fill your mind up with information... Everything in Santorini is up here. Way at the top, so i figured other people may be feeling the way i did too.

The view and air are incredible up here. Something that cannot be explained in words.... So i shall not try to explain and let the photos do some of the talking.

The hotel we stayed in was called SUN ROCKS. It was just un real. I was absolutely terrified on the way up but when i saw the view i just thanked God that i get to see something like this. We had the most wonderful room, and the service was amazing! On our first night we were at the hotels 4 table restaurant, and we just had the best view and had it all to ourselves! Perfect!

We were offered a set menu which was delicious and fresh, simple and yet very different.

Starter was :
Melon jelly with crispy pancetta
Smoked scallop with balsamic
Tartare of vegetables with filo crisp
Crab salad
Sea bream with beetroot cream and courgettes
Fillet of beef with potatoes and vinsanto jus
Trio of sorbets
Mojito foam and strawberry spring rolls

To say that this was not a perfect meal would be LYING! Everything tasted sooooo Good! And the sunset that was occurring during our dinner was even better. Everyone has told me that the sunset in Santorini is the best you will ever see, and they were right!

The next couple of days were totally relaxing and we went down to the town. Very cute, very Greek, very fun. The donkeys were being pulled through the town, we saw some amazing craft work and of course found another sovlaki place to eat. My new favourite thing!

The island of santorini is defintely a place you should visit if you have the chance to be in that part of the world. Anywhere you go to eat would be great as you have the best view, food and weather in the world!


Sara @ CaffeIna said...

I am soooo envious (in a good way :)) right now! Pleeease keep posting pics! And enjoy Greece. When you get back you should make a new Greek series on your blog...I love Greek cuisine

joudie's mood food said...

Hey Sara, Thanks for looking..... Greece is amazing! just the perfect place to be. Greek cuisine is excellent too. I have posted some greek dishes but many more will be coming soon.

tasteofbeirut said...

I am thinking of hopping over to Greece in a few weeks and Santorini is going to be on the list!

peasepudding said...

It is still one of the most beautiful places I have visited (20 years ago) but I was back packing and missed all that amazing food you have photographed, I'll just gave to go back and take my Kiwi husband with me.