Thursday, 10 June 2010

Vanilla Sponge...... Mood = Cake Coma

OK, so i have an apology to make to one particular follower who has been asking me to post about a great vanilla sponge recipe and i didn't do it soon enough. No excuses, no reason. So here is my public apology and here is the recipe..

My favourite thing about vanilla sponge cake is for it to be moist, fluffy but with weight and character. I hate eating those artificial tasting sponges that are white as snow. Vanilla cake has to have a yellow-ish tint, and have a density to it. Victoria sponge is very flaky and i have come to the realisation that i do not like cakes that are made with butter. It makes them flaky and very breakable (is that even a word?). This recipe calls for vegetable oil to be used as the fat and let me tell you something, every cake i have made that requires vegetable oil in the recipe is so superior to any other.

I made this cake with fruits and a whipped cream centre with a butter cream topping. It was so beautiful and delicious. To be honest with you i thought it would be quite heavy, but it was not. It was soft, fruity, light, moist, dense and full of flavours that complemented each other.


300g golden caster sugar
350g all purpose flour
1tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 eggs
350ml vegetable oil
290 ml buttermilk
1tsp salt
1 T Vanilla extract


  • Sift flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda in a bowl.
  • Add sugar
  • Mix together in another bowl, eggs, buttermilk, oil and vanilla extract.
  • Slowly begin to incorporate the two together making sure you have a nice smooth mixture.
  • Do not over beat and do not mix in any other order.
  • Have your oven on at 180 degrees and prepare 2 cake tins 8" each and pour your batter in
  • Cook for about 30-40 minutes and then leave them to cool down.

Whipped cream filling:

300ml whipped cream
100g icing sugar


  • Whip together till you reach a stiff consistency and put in the fridge till ready.

Butter cream recipe:

400g Philadelphia cream cheese
250g butter.
350g icing sugar
1T vanilla extract


  • Make sure everything is at room temperature.
  • Mix together the butter and Philadelphia and beat till well combined. You should not have any lumps if you left them at room temperature.
  • Begin adding the icing sugar and continue beating.
  • Add vanilla extract and mix then set aside in the fridge to harden slightly before you coat the cake.

Once you have finished assembling the cake, make sure you return it to the fridge until you need to eat it.

This recipe is a classic for me and works every time. Everyone that has tried this comments on the moistness of it and the flavour. Nothing beats it, and too much of it can definitely put you in a cake coma as i found out last night.....


tasteofbeirut said...

This cake does look wonderful Joudie; I think what you are referring to is called in the US "chiffon cake" and it is great because it is made with oil instead of butter and comes out spongy and moist and light!
So you are going to be in Greece in July? I am thinking of going there later, maybe August, after all the cousins have left Lebanon. Too bad! It would have been fun to connect! How about visiting Lebanon next time?

Jeannie said...

Hello! first time visiting here:D I am glad I did, you have a lovely blog! That vanilla cake looks to die for!

Joudie's Mood Food said...

Hi joumana, thanks i didnt actually know that. Interesting. I have never heard that term being used. So this is my strawberry chiffon cake!
Lebanon is great but i don think i will make it this year. My family go every year as we have a house there. But i will let you know about Greece. I am doing my investgations of the nicest places to visit....

Joudie's Mood Food said...

Hello Jeannie, thank you for stopping by. The cake was divine. I love yuor blog. I go on it all the time....

Anonymous said...

this cake looks divine, have to make it :)

whats the difference between golden caster sugar and the normal caster sugar?

Also whats all purpose flour?

Anonymous said...

In the cake when ur mixing the dry&wet ingredients do you use a whisk or the flat paddle?

Joudie's Mood Food said...

Hi Anon, All purpose flour is literally that... Flour for all purpose without raising agents. It is the most common flour sold. You can find it anywhere. I prefer golden caster sugar just because i like to feel like i am not being that bad. Staying away from white but not too close to brown. It is in between the two sugars i guess. As for which attachment i use, i use the whosk. It helps combine evrythign well. But dont over whisk becasue you will make the cake dense and heavy....

Carole said...

Sponge cakes looks good!! am back now and looking forward to trying this!

Jamie said...

I am so glad you visited my blog! Isn't it funny how much we have in common? I am loving your blog and your food, especially this vanilla sponge. I the same thing on my craving to make and eat list: vanilla cake with cream and fruit! See, we even think alike! I love this recipe and may use it. My favorite chocolate cake recipe uses oil instead of butter and I love it!

Christina Mouratti said...

This cake tastes so good! Joudie made it for us the other day and we are still craving it! xxx

Joudie's Mood Food said...

I will make it again when ever you want... xxxx

mira said...

hello :) cant wait to try this recipe it seems delicious... i have a question though,shall i pour it in an 8" tin or devide it into 2 tins?