Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Home made sushi.... Mood = Fresh

When i think about fish, i remember all those lovely dinners my father used to take us to when we were younger. I can remember that it was about 20 years ago when he took us to eat sushi and we all loved it so much. So it became a weekly ritual. I dont remember any other children in the restaurants, and though it was a little strange but now i guess it was purely because it was relatively new in london and most people were scared of food poisoning.

Well things have changed a lot since then and sushi has become alomst like a McDonalds, on every high street, but you still have to be careful and eat at the right place to make sure you get the right quality.

Sushi has been around for centuries, but the method is very different today than when it began. It used to be vinegered and fermented to preserve the fish and Sushi, literally means "its sour". Nowadays sushi has evolved to a point where people are eating sushi that is not even Japanese, such as the california roll and spider roll. But nevertheless it is delicious.

My favourite used to be eating Chirashi-Zushi, which is a bowl filled with sushi rice and layered with different kinds of sushi so every mouth full you take is a different bite. Amazing.

These rolls i made were so easy and relatively quick to make. I found that i am seriously craving anything with soya sauce, and cant stop eating this and everything else.... So take your time, buy SUSHI GRADE fish from your fishmonger and have everything prepared in advance.

Items you need to start:

Sushi rolling mat

Nori paper


Fish (salmon, crab, prawn, seabass, tuna)

Vegetables (asparagus, red pepper, cucumber, avaocado)

Soya sauce

Sushi rice


* Boil the sushi rice as you would any normal rice.

* While that is cooking, begin to cut your vegetables, and cook off your asparagus if you are using. At the same time peel, devein your prawns and cook them.

* Get your fish and cut in to long strips and place back in to the fridge until ready to use.

* When your rice is ready place in a tray to let it cool.

* When it has cooled mix a dash of rice vinegar with a teaspoon of suagr and salt and drizzle over the rice. You dont have to do that if you dont want to. On many occassions i dont.

* Mix your wasabi powder with a tiny amount of water to create a paste.

* Get your nori sheet and lay it on your rolling mat.

* Wet your fingers and get some rice and massage it in to the nori to cover 95% of it. Leaving the top free.

* Add a tiny amount of wasabi on to your rice and place your chosen fish and vegetables and begin to roll.

* When you are rolling as soon as you get over the fish, press down slightly to secure it and then continue to roll till you reach the end.

* Add some water to the last strip of the nori before you seal it. This will act like a glue to hold it together.

* Set aside and repeat with the others.

* To cut, i cut them in half and then in 3's. So you get six from each roll.

* Add some wasabi to your platter and some ginger. It helps cleanse the palette. And kills any bacteria floating around.

The sushi i made were rolls and some sashimi.

Salmon Rolls

Crab and coriander rolls

Prawn tempura rolls with asparagus

Salmon sashimi

Its time to take over your kitchen and be more confident. Show yourself what you can do. And impress yourself and your friends. Its the perfect party food to make.

Be fresh, be daring.

Ps. Fish in this state has a lot of Omega 3 and essential fatty acids which are great for brain food, and keeping seratonin levels up. It was my cure for the blues.....


Soraya said...

You make everyting look so easy. I am going to try this.

JKCatering said...

Hi Soraya, it is all easy peasy. You should defnitley try making this, but make sure you buy super fresh sushi grade fish. Otherwise you can make vegetarian ones or use white crab meat. Enjoy and let me know how it goes....

Trusha said...

I tried this at the weekend, and to make a long story short I struggled.

But in a second attempt, they turned out ok. My favourite filling was the prawn tempura one. Delicious.

Tips on how to make the rice?