Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Vegetable feuillette.....Mood=Vegetarian

I love vegetables as much as the next person, but grilled vegetables soaked in Aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and flaked Maldon salt is simply perfect. My neices and nephews love eating their vegetables this way and if it works, i think I should stick to it.

The puff pastry crackling in between your teeth and leaving shards on your lips, the oil almost dripping down your lip, the vegetbles slowly passing last. The taste of all three is ..... indescribable. Crisp, crunchy, moist, sour, salty. I mean the list can go on, but i think it speaks for itself.

My favourute ingrediants are aubergine, courgettes, tomatoes, rucola, maybe some shaved parmesan and puff pastry..... Not forgetting the balsamic vinegar.This dish was a favourite when i used to work in the restaurant, Most chefs dont like cooking vegetarian dishes as they love meat and fish, but my last chef was great with ideas. And this was one of them.


1 sheet of puff pastry
1 aubergine
3 courgettes
3 Tomatoes (medium)
Aged balsamic vinegar ( i buy Belazu , I know it seems expensive, but it is so thick you only need a little of it at a time, so its worth it.
Extra virgin live oil
Parmesan cheese (optional)

  • Cut your puff pastry into large rings, about 10 cm diametre. and give it an egg was if you like and stab it slightly with a fork and place in the oven to cook and crispen up. 
  • While this is in the oven at 200 degrees, start slicing the vegetables.
  • Cut your vegetables in circles and lay them on a baking sheet to place in the oven. Drizzle with a little oil and place in at 180 till they start browning. 
  • Do  NOT cook the tomatoes. They will melt and fall apart.
  • When they have all finished cooking, place the vegetables but alternate them. Aubenring, courgette, tomato, etc, etc....
  • Cover with rucola, some shaved parmesan and drizzle with a mix of 3:1. I mean this as 3 parts olive oil, to 1 part vinegar, and adding a little salt to break the acidity.
  • And serve with some tomato concasse (diced tomatoes) to decorate.
This is a great way to serve vegetables to anyone, even those who are not keen on them !!!!


JKCatering said...

This is also great to prepare in advance when you have guests coming over. Just heat it up for a few minutes before serving....

pav said...

I love the new site!!! Its gorgeous like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!