Thursday, 24 December 2009

Chips, Feta, Oregano.....Mood=Good Times

When my husband and I went to Greece preparing for our wedding,we went to a fantastic resort. The resort we were staying in was simply superb, and the food even better. I had been eye-ing up a plate of fries since my previous visit, and my mother kept telling me not to eat it as i had a wedding dress to fit into, and so i didn't. But this time there was NO WAY i was not going to eat it. Even though the wedding was only a few days away. I thought that one plate would not hurt.... But 6 or seven during the course of those days, did............a little. My dress was a little tight.

Anyway back to the chips.

They were just simply fantastic, and were made with grated cretan gruyere, and fresh oregano, with a little salt and pepper. Simple, delicious and really hit the spot every single time.

In the last couple of days, i have been run off my feet as my whole family is in London to celebrate Christmas and have not really had too much time to make anything. So today after another day of not eating, running after my nephews and neices, and trying to do last minute shopping, my husband put some chips in the oven and i thought that was it. But when he came out of the kitchen he had a surprise for me. He had recreated (almost to the t) the same dish we had eaten in Greece. But instead of the cretan cheese, he used feta, as it was in the fridge. I have to say, it was better.

He flaked the creamy white cheese over the top, and sprinkled the oregano and some flaked sea salt, an dthere was our meal.

I was tired, starving and really enjoying every single bite. It hit the spot, it tasted great and was simple to make and i suggest that you try this at home. It is soooooo worth it.

So enjoy the pictures and go GREEK!!!!!


pav said...

Finally! My contribution to the blog! I'm afraid that's about it from my side...Merry Xmas everyone

JKCatering said...

Darling Pav, you are the blog! Everything here is inspired by your tummy.... xxj

tamara said...

pav made it and it is my favourite

Tania said...

Joudie, Tamara loved eating this dish at your place, she is begging me to make it but she says that Pav is better than me at cooking!!!!!!!

JKCatering said...

Tania, it so cute that the only thing that Pav cooked was her favourite. Do you think she has a little crush? It was delicius anyway.... Try it it is so easy.