Thursday, 5 November 2009

Remember remember the 5th of November..... Mood=Fireworks

I always wanted to know what toffee apples had to do with Guy Fawkes night, and i only found out today, when i was asked to make 30 toffee apples for a bonfire party. Apparently they have NOTHING to do with it, but are just customary to be served at this time of year because this is time for the annual apple harvest.

But seriously, wha
t is more delicious than looking at a gorgeous shiny red crispy crunchy apple. It sort of reminded me not of the apple harvest, nor Guy Fawkes, but of Snow White. I just imagined her apple that she ate in the story and they looked exactly the same. My toffee apples have a bit of food colour in the caramel, to make them a little more tempting.

So the trick is to a) do this with care, and b) to make sure you get the right consistency. I looked up many recipes of doing this until i realised that my recipe was the best, and it is simply sugar, water, lemon juice, and food colouring.



800g sugar
240ml water
1 sq
ueeze of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of red food colour


  • You place sugar and water in a heavy based pan and let it melt without moving it around. Other wise you will form crystals and ruin the whole thing.
  • When it is bubbling, bring the temperature down and add you squeeze of lemon juice and red dye and let it simmer for about 15-20 minutes.

  • BUT YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. Other wise it will burn in a second.
  • When you want to check and see if it ready, get a fork and drop a little drip into cold water and when you lift that out press on it. If it cracks, then it is ready, if it is still squishy, it needs more time.
    • If using a thermometer it has to come up to 150 degrees.
    • When the bubbles have settled get your ready apples with stem and soak them in the caramel and place them in a tray with grease proof paper to set.
    • You will then have to leave them in room temperature to set fully.
    You can serve them like that, or wrap them and add labels for each person.

    That's my poison, what's yours????


    Anonymous said...

    such any easy recipe!! wow!

    JKCatering said...

    It is, and you can also add crushed nuts to this or sprinkles to make it more fancy if you like. Im glad you tried it!!!!