Sunday, 22 November 2009

Childrens Cooking parties....Mood=Childish

When i began my catering business i didnt know exactly what i was doing. I began by doing some cooking classes for my clients who then reffered me to their friends and they all had kids. They began to ask me if i could give a class/party to their children and i thought it was a great idea. Im a big kid at heart, and love to hang out with children. They just take you to a different place. So free, so fresh and so full of ideas.

We make cupcakes, cakes decorating, cookie cutting and also make savoury dishes like mini pizzas, pigs in blankets, and fresh pasta for instance. The list goes on and on. But the most important thing for me is that they have fun. Usually i dont let the parents enter the domain the children are in purely because they worry too much about whether or not their child is getting dirty. And that is the most fun. I always make sure the children leave the way they came in.

I was asked to do a photoshoot for 'EVE Magazine' a while back, and i have to say it was my first serious professional shoot and i was so nervous. I looked pertrified for about 2 hours, until the kids came in. They were the children of the editors of the magazine and were so great to work with. At first i thought everything was going to be staged, but with children that is not possible. They just did what they wanted to do and posed when they felt like it.

At that moment i suddenly felt at ease and a part of them, and we got some fantastic shots from the day. But generally speaking, this is what we do when there is a kids cooking class.

The menu for the parties or classes is chosen by the parents and they can range from a total sugar rush (which if you dont like hyperactive kids, i would not recommend  :) ) to something quite mellow where there is tomato sauces being made, crab cakes and fresh pasta. Children like variation, and when they make their own food, they usually eat it. This is something that i have found to be quite interesting as their parents get quite shocked when i have told them they have eaten a broccoli burger for instance!

I think that when you engage with children at this age regarding food, you will find that you will have less trouble with them when they get older. I have the experiance with my nephews and neices, who have eaten anything and everything from sushi, sashimi, chinese, italian, middle eastern since they were 2 years old.

 The kids get a cookie cutter, rolling pin, apron and chefs hat to go with their experiance along with a certificate for being a chef for the day. They also get to take home their spoils from the class so they can enjoy them later with their parents.

All the information for my kids cooking classes and bookings can be found on my website My Sweetest Things.

Happy Baking!!!!


Anonymous said...

how young do you start your cooking classes for?

JKCatering said...

My cooking classes start from 4 years old. They get cookie cutters, aprons, hats, and certificates given to them during the day and then they get to take home their goodies....