Friday, 20 November 2009

Cakes cakes cakes..... Mood=Sugar rush

Who doesnt love cake.....No one that i have met anyway. We love cake, we live by cake. There is nothing nicer than having slice of cake that has been waiting for you at home that is home made. I dont mind any kind of cake. As long as there are no nuts....  Allergy !

When i make cakes i usually do what im feeling at that time. Some have been disasters, and other quite frankly have been very good. When i used to work in restaurants it was all quite fancy french style cakes so it was quite refreshing to do something different. And let me say one thing, it is not easy going from something so restricted to free form. Your imagination is locked for a while. So i am going to show you a complilation of cakes that i did from a-z. I warn you, some just look so simple that they are almost comical....but they do get better.

From Red Velvet to, chocolate fudge, or plain simple, they range from everything to anything. Carrot cake is by far my favourite. I have attached a recipe for it in my blog Carrot cake Heaven. I love Cream cheese frosting as the creamyness of it just totally gets me everytime. It just rolls off your tongue and caresses your throat. Until it settles in your belly. Like i said many times before my waistline is just increasing but somehow it always works out for me in the end. As soon as the weather gets better things start dropping off, ie: my weight.

I think making a cake that is over ambitious is just silly. I think the simplicity of the taste is very important. I hate Christmas cakes. They have about 25 different ingrediants which I personally think ruins the taste and the experiance. Dont you think? I know its tradition and all but I'd rather have a different filling.

Iv tried many cake shops and to be honest there is nothing better than making your own cake or cup cake, or dessert infact. It is so satisfying that sometimes words cant express the accomplishment achieved.... Those of you who enjoy baking, will just know exacly what i am talking about.

I love making different things, even though they may not be things i may eat, but just for the experiance. I made a fruit tart for a friend with fruits of her request. And i have to say it turned out quite beautifully. Also she asked me to make her a number 1 cake for her daughters birthday and i thought it was pretty and simple. I could have totally gone over the top, but held myself back. Sprinkles are soooooo addictive. And if there is anything to know about me, i love pink, and colours and things that are colourful and edible just make my day. It is silly but hey, we all have weird and wonderful pleasures.

My pink cupcakes were for a baby shower and the lemon tart was actually one i made for a demonstration in a cooking lesson. My Football cake was my favourite. It took me a while to figure out how to do all the markings as I hate football, and then i ran out of icing half way through, but made some more in a rush, just in time for my now brother inlaws birthday. Pretty cool eh?

There are many cake tins and pans on the market and they are quite steep in price but definitely worth it if you are an avid baker. I have quite a few. Soon i will add my topsy turvey cup cake cake.

Maybe one day I will have my own Cup-Cakery!!!


Sarah J said...

I love the football cake. Very very creative and cute. Lucky brother in law. Can you post the recipe please? Thanks

JKCatering said...

Hi Sarah, I will post it up soon. Thanks for the comments.

Dima said...

JOUDIEE yummm, please please post the red velvet recipe, they look amazing!.. my mouth is watering alreadyyy

JKCatering said...

For sure i will when i get the chance.... Haboula. xx

Tamara K said...

The first picture was for my school and my brother xx