Saturday, 28 November 2009

Apple Tart.....Mood=Impressive

So who wants to learn how to make an apple tart.....????

When I used to work in the restuarnts, we had to make our own puff pastry. It saved on costs, but definitely not on time. I find making my own puff pastry really tedious and this is one time where i like to 'cheat'. I think that store bought puff pastry is simply great if you can find the one that uses only butter as that is the whole point of puff pastry. I have used many kinds, some that have vegetable oil and other that dont. Sometimes i cant even understand what they are using. It does not make sense, but you can find good ones in the supermarkets.

This recipe is so simple that you wont even believe it. I make this all the time for my clients and they LOVE IT!!!!

Whats nicer than a simple apple tart with cinnamon sugar, a little butter and vanilla ice cream? Not much in my opinion. I dont know about you but i like simple desserts that have a taste of everything that is in them. This is crisp, flaky, fruity, and creamy, with a little kick of cinnamon in the background.


Pink lady apples
Vanilla ice cream
Hot oven
Egg wash
Pastry brush


  • Roll out your puff pastry and cut out rings, and then place in the freezer to keep it cool.
  • Cut apple into thin slices
  • Make your cinnamon sugar by mixing a little cinnamon into the sugar and put aside
  • Get your pastry and place the apples in any style you like but keep them close to the pastry.
  • Sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on top.
  • Make an egg wash with an egg yolk, and brush the corners of the pastry, but be careful not to go round the sides as this will stop the pastry from rising
  • Add a few pieces of butter on top and place into a very hot oven 200 degrees.
  • After about 12-15 minutes take out the tart but keep an eye on it as some ovens vary and are hotter than others. 
  • Take it out and place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and serve.

And just ........ ENJOY!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cant believe it is that easy. I am definitely going to try it. I love Apple tart. And cinnamon and ice cream!!

Anonymous said...

Ok So i have made this and they turned out GREAT. Everyone thought i had slaved over them for hours, when in fact it was only about 30 minutes in total. I gave some people your website details, so unfortunately for me i have given away my secret, but hopefully they will enjoy your recipes too.

Anonymous said...

Joudie what a great and easy recipe ... i absolutely love anything that has apples in it....yummy...other recipes look amazing too .. thanks for the great unique and simple ways of cooking ...

JKCatering said...

Thanks for the comment. I think people should know that it is easy to make tasty things without so much fuss. These are the tricks of the trade...