Sunday, 22 November 2009

Anyone for some Squash....Mood=Earthy

My husband has been ill for quite a while and i have tried everything to make him feel better. But nothing seemed to work. I thought of this soup that always worked at the last minute on day five of him feeling groggy, and what can i say......? It worked.

This soup is so easy, so quick, and so tasty i cant even explain it to you. You have to try it just to know what im talking about. And also did i mention that it takes absolutely no effort. It is something i make often when im feeling lazy and have a had a long day, becuase it need no attention. Just the right ingrediants and thats it.

Butter but squash is a good source of::

fibre, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, and potassium. It is also an excellent source of vitamin A. This information is from Wikipedia and you can click on the links to read more about that. But back to the cooking and less of the science part for now....


Base part of 1 Butternut squash
3 Sweet potatoes
2 Potatoes
2 Carrot
4 Garlic cloves
1 Onion
Fresh thyme
1t Nutmeg


  • Peel and cut all your veg, onions and garlic.
  • Place in a pan with Olive oil
  • Add the salt pepper and garlic. Sautee it for about 5 minutes to brown a little.
  • Add the Nutmeg and stir again. The aroma should be quite strong.
  • Add a few sprigs of fresh thyme.
  • When they vegetables have browned slightly, add water and cover the vegetables.
  • Let this boil for about 25 minutes and then when done, put into a blender and puree. 
  • If you find the soup is quite thick, add some more water and then check the taste. Add more salt if you want.
  • Then to serve add a little more thyme for the finished dish and serve. 

My husband likes to add goats cheese to his soup right at the end, and i have to say it is quite delicious. Contrasting taste of sweet and salty. And the creamyness is just divine.

So is anyone up for some squash????


pav said...

From the horses mouth: This soup really does work and thanks to it I managed to go to work this morning! Hmmmmm maybe I should have thought twice before day off!! Oh well at least there was plenty leftover for my lunch which made everyone at work envious...hehehe

Noura said...

We all loved the squash soup Joudie :))

JKCatering said...

Hey, thanks. Im glad you liked it. xxxx