Sunday, 25 October 2009

Drink me, Eat me..... Mood=Mad tea party

Who loves a crazier story than Alice in Wonderland.... I just read a synopsis of the book that i read as a child and let me say one thing, its absolutely insane. You forget how peoples imaginations can just go to such extremes and literally beyond imagination.

Alice's journey through her wonderland required her to drink potions and eat cake to change size to be able to get through this so called wonderland. All i will ask of you is to see the magical scenery and enjoy the pictures of the cookies i made for such a party.

Theme: Alice in Wonderland

Request: Eat me Biscuits to suit theme.

Venue: Cuckoo

As you can see, the venue was completely transformed by an acquaintance of mine, for her dear friends birthday. I was very excited to be asked to make the cookies as her parties are always so much fun and as you can see, very dramatic.

Drama and exaggeration are the theme of Alice in wonderland and so was the setting. It suited even the maddest of hatters!!!!

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