Sunday, 25 October 2009

Chicken soup for the ..... Mood= soul fuel

I know the old wives tale of chicken soup being the anti biotic for all illnesses, but its true. For me anyway....Researchers in Nebraska university found that some components of the chicken soup inhibit the white blood cell migration, which may have an anti inflammatory effect that could hypothetically lead to temporary ease from symptoms of illness.

Chicken soup is cheap easy, and comforting. When one is down in the dumps and low on energy, making a pot of chicken soup is sometimes the only answer. According to food historians chicken soup was prescribed for the common cold in ancient Egypt.

I usually make this soup once a month just to keep my strength up. When cooking chicken on the bone it usually increases the calcium level in the broth, so its better to use a whole chicken when you do this.


1 whole chicken

2 onions peeled

6-8 cardamom pods
4 carrots

5 potatoes
1/2 fennel
hot boiling water enough to cover the chicken

  • Peel the 2 onions and keep them whole.
  • Get a big deep pot and place a little olive oil in the bottom and add the onions, fennel and cardamom pods
  • Wash and clean the chicken but keep it whole. I use lemon and slat to rub the chicken down and clean it inside out. The place it in the pot on top of the onions, fennel and pods.
  • Fill the pot with water till the chicken is covered and add salt.
  • 45 minutes later make sure you peel the carrots and potatoes and cut into big chunks.
  • Add them to the pot with the chicken and top up with water if you need to .
  • Cook them until they have a bit of a crunch
  • Taste the stock and season more if you like and serve.
  • Add a little parsely for colour and fresh flavour
One pot wonders eh? They work a treat.!!!!

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