Saturday, 7 May 2016

MY NEW COOKBOOK - ready for Pre-Order

As some of you may or may not know, i have been writing a cookbook for quite some time now. It has been a journey that has started from the age of 21. I was, back then, writing things down mentally. And practising and learning again and again, cooking the way my mother does, by sight and taste. This is the most natural way for me to cook and i think for others too.

Writing Palestine On A Plate is really a tribute to my mother, my aunties and wonderful grandmothers who really helped shape and our life and kept our traditions alive. Palestinian food is without a doubt a cuisine that is incredibly delicious and varied. It is also healthy and vibrant, full of choices and easy for any diet. Our food consists largely on a vegetarian base and then the addition of meats and fish are what really make it come together, for me.

I wont reveal too much away at this point as it is available for pre-order to be released in September, but i will share with you the cover of the book which you can see above. Also my favourite part of the book is that each recipe comes with an image which i think is super important, and my publisher Jacqui Small is the master of creating such wonderful books.

Please do share this with everyone you think would be interested in this beautiful book and i hope you enjoy it as much as i have enjoyed making it.

Here is the link below to pre-order.

Much love,


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Jamie Oliver Supper club

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to share some super exciting news. On the 1st of October i will be hosting my first Supper Club with the Jamie Oliver Foundation. This will be held at the Ace hotel in Shoreditch in a FANTASTIC venue on the rooftop and will have a beautiful menu.

The link for tickets is below. CLICK THE LINK below and book your tickets.

Most have sold out so there are only a few to grab.

Hoping to see you there.

X Joudie

Monday, 22 June 2015

My Palestinian Supperclub ....... Discovering Palestine

So I've been lucky enough to have cooked for some wonderful people since i have been a chef. And more so since i have started my Palestine on a Plate Journey. I created a menu that i felt was diverse, and large enough to show some particular favourites of my country and hopefully ones that you will love too. Here is my Supperclub menu that i will be running for the next few months.

My menu has many vegetarian options which are bright and packed full of contrasting flavours. Dips, salads, hot chicken and fish courses. Not forgetting the all time favourite Kubbeh Bil Saniyeh. Below you will find some images of what to expect at my Supperclubs

Msabaha - Warm spicy chickpea dip

Heritage tomato salad with mint Sumac and pomegranates

Dandelion leaves with caramelised onions and sumac, paprika and olive oil

Za'atar chicken with freekeh salad

Kubbeh Bil Saniyeh with Spicy muttabal

These dishes show a wide variety of what Palestinian food has to offer.

These will either bring back fond memories for you or you will have a new memory made for you after trying them potentially for the first time. These dishes brought me joy and most of all a connection to my past and hopefully my future, sharing everything with you.

I hope those of you who get to attend will enjoy and share the deliciousness with all your friends, and promote the wonders of my Country, and we will all get to meet one day.

If you would like to book into the Supperclub please click on the link below.

I hope to see you soon.

With Love, From Palestine

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Palestine On A Plate

For the last year and half, since my Beautiful deli had to close down, I have been busy. Busier then ever and most importantly writing. I have been receiving emails and phone calls non stop since i closed down on how much people have missed Baity being there and the food that they enjoyed so much.

This sparked a thought in my head to write a blog. But then my good friend told me that we should create an app which is what happened. 'Palestine On A Plate' was born and took its first breath about month ago.

It is a collection of my favourite recipes that my customers, friends and family requested over and over and they have now got a home to be enjoyed. It took a lot of writing, recipe checking and re writing.

I really love this app. It is bright, full of flavour and has enough for all types of food eaters.

I also write a blog on the app that gets updated as and when i find happy, positive stories to say about Palestine. It is not political, but it is emotional at times. I like to focus on the good things rather than what you normally see on the news. Palestine is much more than bloodbaths and terror. Have a look and see.

Please follow the link below to wonder through and purchase my app.

With Love, From Palestine

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Raclette Galette .... Mood : La vie en France

Today i managed to find a guy who was able to help me recover my hard drive from my old computer and saved almost 10,000 photos i had taken from 3-4 years ago while is was experimenting with recipes for Baity Kitchen. I remember a raclette Baguette that i ate in a coffee shop that i almost fell off my chair while eating it, and decided to make something similar but a little more refined.

When my family used to holiday in South of France, we used to go to this lovely little restaurant called La Canna Suisse. It was run by twin sisters and 2 Dalmatians, which my whole family were scared of, but for some strange reason we kept going back. This place was simple, only had one thing on the menu, as far as i knew, and was so scrumptious and delicious even for a child at the young age of 10.

Raclette is a wonderful soft cheese that i placed under and grill till it starts bubbling and then scraped onto your plate served with boiled new potatoes, cornichons, and pickled onions. I LOVE this dish and always cook dishes that remind of good times. Now that my family are all over the world i try to recreate the dishes that remind me of the unity we once had, together, ALWAYS.

This dish is a perfect combination of memories, good flavour and comfort. It tastes divine and looks great and a little more refined that the traditional way of serving raclette. Although i would not reject the original for sure.

For the pastry:

500g Plain flour
250 g Butter
1 large pinch of salt
2 whole eggs
2-3 T water


200g Raclette cheese
1 red chili chopped
20 gherkins
15 pickled cocktail onions
100 g new potatoes


  • Begin with making the pastry. Mix the flour with the butter and salt till you get a lumpy crumble consistency. 
  • Add the two eggs and mix well. Add 2T of water to combine and a little more if you need it. But don't go crazy. You want it to just combine and not be wet. Once combined cut into 4 small pieces of 3 larger pieces. Flatten and place in the  fridge wrapped in cling film for up to half an hour.
  • Boil the potatoes in salted water till half cooked let them cool down and then slice them.
  • Slice the cheese, chili and 90% of the cornichons and onions.
  • Mix them together and season with salt and pepper.
  • Get the pastry out and roll it out into a thickness of a 50p piece. fill in the centre with the mix trying to make sure the cheese is mainly on the top. To make the edges of the galette, take a piece and fold in then take another piece and fold in again till you get all the way round.
  • Add the egg wash and cook in the oven at 190-200 degrees.
  • Once finished cooking add the remaining chopped gherkins, chili and onions on top and serve.

Best eaten warm not hot as you wont be able to taste anything. And also you will burn your mouth as my room mate is letting me know.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Octopus and potato salad - MOOD: Octopussy

I have met so many Italian people over the last few years it is almost as if London has been taken over. This is not a bad thing of course. Italy and I have a little love affair going at present so it is a welcome take over. My room mate Nadia and i were talking about how simple food is always the best. And went on to discuss all the wonders of how simplicity is present in both our cultures. We discussed so many options and variations, and then she mentioned an octopus dish that is widely eaten around Italy and I just had to make it.

Octopus and all things seafood are at the top of my list, ALWAYS. It is all about eating healthily as much as you can and trying to give your body what it needs. Fish is a great way to feed your mind, your serotonin and also your nerves. Mind you being good for your hair and skin is also a bonus when eating fattier fish.

The benefits of Octopus:
Octopus is a low calorie, lean seafood, making it a good way to get protein in your diet without adding too much fat. Octopus is a very good source of iron, which is a common deficiency leading to weakness, fatigue and anaemia.
Octopus is also a source of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and selenium. It provides several important vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A and several B vitamins, as well as some omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is an important nutrient which may decrease the chances of heart disease, as well as cancer and depression. It also seems to boost the immune system and aid in brain development in children.
Octopus also contains taurine, which is an organic acid that acts as an antioxidant, and may protect against some of the stressful effects of exercise. Taurine is also suspected to help prevent heart disease, although there are no conclusive studies regarding this yet. Some studies have also linked it with improved blood sugar levels however this also needs further study.

So i went to my lovely Local Fishmonger Rex Goldsmith on CALE STREET in Chelsea and got an Octopus. Frozen is always best as this begins the tenderising of the octopus so you don't have to boil it for long. 
I also bought some wonderful lemons and flat leaf parsley and Rate potatoes from Andreas Veg, also on Cale street, ran home and began.
1 whole frozen Octopus
1 bunch flat leaf parsley
1 Large lemon
3 garlic cloves
Olive oil


  • Begin by thawing out your octopus in cold water. It should take between 45-60 minutes. 
  • While the octopus is thawing, boil your rate potatoes with skin in salted water, until they are just done. 
  • Chop your parsley and garlic and set aside.
  • When the octopus has thawed, place in boiling water and boil it for about 35 minutes. Check it to see if it needs more, but it shouldn't. You don't want to over do it otherwise it will get completely rubbery. 
  • Once the octopus has been cooked, removed from water, cut the tentacles off into small pieces and mix in with the garlic and parsley. 
  • Chop the potatoes into similar sized pieces as the octopus and mix all together. 
  • Add you salt, olive oil and lemon and season to taste. 
  • Serve on a bed of Rocket and eat right away. 
Tender octopus, crunchy rocket, soft potatoes, and tangy dressing. 

Friday, 15 February 2013

Chicken soup ... Mood = Healing of my soul

So many things have happened in this last 2 weeks i cannot even begin to explain. MAINLY and most importantly i lost my restaurant. Yes its gone. It was a series of little complications that ended up as a big one and its GONE.

It takes some time to recover from something like this. Not only for the money invested, but the time, passion, love and connection you have with a place and the people that visit daily.

I have been feeling quite poorly over the last few days figuring out what i can do and how to do it and realised that i actually need a few weeks off. I actually haven't had a proper holiday since my brothers wedding in 2011.

Today i went to the hospital as i felt an elephant sitting on my chest and had been complaining to my sister that i thought i would die. The doctor told me (and a very handsome one at that) that i had inflammation of the ribs and cartilage and that my lungs were struggling to move as they are being restricted. So this set off alarm bells and i realised in this moment that i must relax. Although the doctor seemed completely calm and assured me it was normal and i will be ok in a couple of weeks. Rest time has begun for me... sort of.

I am not sure about you but i know that when i miss my mother and she is away and i need her i always cook things that remind me of her and her love. Today was no different to most days when she is away and chicken soup as you know is the ONLY ANSWER.

My mothers chicken soup is just soooooo Wonderful due to the addition of Cardamom. This for me makes the whole thing just come together beautifully. I needed comfort, i needed good food and i needed love for my soul. I recommend you always make more than you need as you will and can eat this for 2-3 days after it has cooked. Thats what i do. Always nice to know that there is some love in the fridge.


1 whole large chicken
2 large onions
2 large donkey carrots
3 large kestrel or 6 small potatoes
1 bunch of spring greens
6-8 Cardamom


  • First get a deep pot and add some olive oil.
  • Drop in the Cardamom and let them toast for a minute or so.
  • Take the onions, peel them and cut two crosses on each end, leaving them whole. Roast them in the oil with the cardamom. This will help seal in the flavour and also take the flavour of the cardamom. Don't go mad. Just slightly colour them.
  • Add the chicken in chopped pieces and add the water to cover. 
  • Add salt at this point to flavour the soup. 
  • I like to keep all the bones in there to create a delicious stock flavour. 
  • 45 minutes into the cooking i add the carrots which i usually cut length ways and then in 3 when they are big. 
  • 10 minutes after putting the carrots, i add the potatoes which i would cut in 4 if large, or in two if small. 
  • Right at the end just before serving i add large shredded spring greens and mix in. I like to keep them crunchy which adds colour, texture and also all the goodness of the leaf.

This soup will last you and soothe you and heal you. It should also take you back to a place in life where you feel safe and familiar. I know it does this for me. I know it is healing me.

Try it and see how you feel.

It simply is the healer of souls (and swollen ribs)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Why fish works..... Mood= Diversity

I have an obsession with seafood. Every kind of seafood and i can eat it everyday. I started eating it really regularly when i was suffering from depression in my mid to late 20s as a way to help my mind get better and it almost became an obsession. I believe that it was one of the main things that helped me get through it, including other things of course, but all that oily fish and goodness from the sea can only do you wonders.

At Baity Kitchen we make lots of fish dishes and i think that it is so important to have the option and variety to offer people as most don't know how long to cook fish for or what really goes with it.

One of our main top sellers is a simple lemon and zaatar marinated and grilled salmon which is so delicious. We also make a miso cod, mango coriander chilli and lime cod, poached salmon witha sweet dill and mustard dressing, linguine with clams and prawns chilli and garlic, Grilled calamari salad with padron peppers, Lobster cups with tomato and basil. The list goes on but my favourite one is the Lemon saffron risotto with seared scallops and shaved grano padano. Not only does it look great but it tastes sublime.

It is not hard to make but takes a little time to get the rice just right. You do not want to over cook this as it is always nice to have a little bite to the rice. But just a bit.


2 cups of carnaroli risotto rice
1 Brown onion
1 clove of garlic
A few sprigs of Thyme
1 cup of white wine
A pinch of saffron
4T lemon juice
Grated parmesan
Shaved parmesan
8 Scallops
Fish stock (if you dont have it just use water) but fish stock is better


  • Begin by chopping your onion and garlic and gently sautee them in a pot with some light olive oil.
  • Once they have softened add the rice and toast for a few minutes and add a bit of salt.
  • Add the thyme in sprigs so you can pick them out later.
  • Add the wine and you should hear a sizzle. Keep moving the rice around to evaporate the wine quicker.Now add the saffron and mix well so it encorporates well.
  • Begin with your stock slowly adding and when it begins to lessen, add a bit more.
  • You should do this for about 15 minutes.
  • once you have reached a nice bite and csostency add the lemon juice and butter to give a nice sharpness and smootheness at the same time. This will also help gloss the risotto. Take the pan off the heat and begin with you scallops.
  • Season them and sear them quickly on a very hot pan for a few short minuted one each side. This will give you a nice caramelised taste and look which will just lift your dish to another level.
  • Now taste your risotto. Add some more salt, butter whatever you prefer to make it your own. This is where is add grated parmesan just to give it a lift. 

Plate it up with the risotto first and then assemble the scallops on top with some grated Grano Padano shavings and serve.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Pearls..... Mood = A girls best 'find'

The other day, a client of mine asked me to get him some oysters and Bottarga for a dinner party he was throwing, and seeing as those two are in my top 5 of things i love to eat, i ordered some for myself. I love oysters, and more than that i always had a dream that i would eventually find myself a pearl. We all know that not all dreams come true, but..... Keep on dreaming i say.

Last Friday i had some friends over to have some Oysters, Bottarga pasta and some champagne, I was shucking the 25 oysters cooked the pasta and was ready to sit down to watch some X factor. My idea of a good night in.

Half way through eating i saw something in the corner of my eye, I was about to throw this oyster out as i though maybe a worm or maggot had gotten into it, but i decided against it and just pressed my finger in instead. And out popped a tiny little beauty. I almost screamed. Not for the size, which was minuscule but for the fact that i have finally found one.

This is definitely something i wont ever forget. I am so pleased with my find and text the fishmonger to let him know what i had found. He was also very excited for me.

You can see it in the bottom left had corner in the oyster. I had not noticed it at this point. It looks so comfy and ready to find a new home..  :)

I have hidden it away and will make some form of jewellery from it i think. Forget Diamonds, Pearls are a girls best friend!

Happy shucking.!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cocktail making..... MOOD = Winning streak...

A few months ago; actually last summer, I was asked by my PR company ME:MO interactive if I wanted to take part in a cocktail competition with Andy Pearson, mixologist of the decade.... and to be honest i was a little apprehensive as a) i don't like filming and b) i didn't know how to make a drink.

But against my fear, i said YES. It was nerve wracking as i didn't know what to expect and also how it was going to turn out. I went with a couple of friends who were there supporting me even though i know i am a big girl, but still it felt better that way. Although when i got there it just made me even more nervous that they were there watching me.

When i got there i was the last one to be filmed and i felt a little relieved that there were not too many people watching. I had to do three things. Make a margarita by heart which was timed. I think i came second, which is not bad going considering i didn't even know how to make one. The second was making a cocktail from a goody bag of secret ingredients which made me super nervous.... I will tell you how that went in a moment. And the third thing was to tell a joke. A bar joke. OK so i am not being honest here. This was my NIGHTMARE. Firstly jokes are silly and secondly you have to be slightly witty and confident when delivering a joke and at the best of times that's not easy but when you have two cameras on you, and about 7 people looking at you it makes it SOOOOO much harder.

So now back to the cocktail making.... I WON, I WON, I WON, I WON. I was so chuffed about that. But i knew it in my heart that i would win. My cocktail totally rocked! I am going to attach the video of it for you to watch and let me know what you think. Can you tell how nervous i am? I couldn't stop shaking.

Either way i had a great day and i realized that no matter what you fear, its the fear itself that is scary and not the action.

You can watch the VIDEO HERE

To may more videos and hopefully not so nerve wracking.

Thanks Andy Pearson, and the team at ME:MO for organizing this.

It was GREAT! And did i mention that I WON!  :))

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Baity Tapas night..... MOOD = Sample selection

I have not written for quite some time as so much is happening. Good and bad, but most of all, busy. Baity has been through some new changes which are wonderful and most importantly very successful with our clients, without whom we would not be here.

I have on board with me a friend who is a chef, Michael Kane, AKA Scotti, who has helped me do something that i have wanted to do for quite some time, but between paperwork, cooking, managing and operating, i found it a little daunting. We started together to do our now infamous Tapas nights. Not Spanish Tapas food but simply the idea of sharing plates in the evening 2 x a week changing the menus every week....

We have here:
  • Asian deared pork belly with marinated moolis, and fried lotus plant
  • A selection of : Batata harra, Portobello mushroom stuffed with gotas cheese topped with persillade, Tempura aubergine with sweet miso, Fillet steak with polenta and zaatar chips,
  • Fried chicken livers with coriander and chilli, and salmon ceviche with edible flowers.

  • Confit duck with pommegranate infused Freekeh with sour cherries and red currants.

  • Saffron pannacotta with Palestinian jewelled cardamom pods

  • Roasted red pepper and sweet potatoe puree with grilled halloumi and cheese and ham board

  • Pork souvlaki

  • Avocado and crab salad with toasted Ciabbatini

  • Gambas and chorizo with Red roasted peppers and Wow micro cress

  • Oven baked oysters with Tarragon velouté and garlic parsley persillade crust

  • Home made chicken liver parfait with taosted sourdough

  • Grilled calamari with sauce vierge

  • Wild garlic and spinach risotto

  • Sesame seared tuna and Kataifi wrapped prawns marinated with lemon and basil

  • Round courgettes stuffed with Sweet potato and saffron risotto

  • Patatas bravas
  • Greek salad stuffed in a beef tomato

  • Oven seared quail with harissa spiced cous cous and tzatziki sauce

  • Pork belly with celeriac chips and honey roasted figs
  • Deep fried calamari with szechuan pepper and sweet chilli jam

They have been an extreme success being booked out every week. We began this becasue we wanted to offer something differnt to our clients as opposed to having similar things/styles on the rest of the street. And boy do they love it.

Its a really great thing mixing two different peoples ideas to create a mix of comforting recognisable foods with a little bit of middle eastern twist. And most importantly that it should taste so good with the final result.

These are just samples of what we have made, and its going to be ever growing. Its always such a nice thing to create new things as it makes you use your mind and open up to new a different flavours to try and see if they are going to work. And 99% they have, thank the Lord! :))

I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you want some more information please visit our FACEBOOK page where i update almost everyday about what is going on in Baity with menu changes and new dishes....

Happy cooking and i hope to see you at Baity if you are around....